A Maine Coon is the World's Longest Domestic Cat

I have smile a bit when I read this. Yes, Maine Coons are known to be large. In fact, they are the largest of the domestic cats on my assessment. I am talking about averages and cats that are not fat!

Maine Coons are quite slender under that shaggy, silky fur. They are quite rangy and this is why Stewie, a Maine Coon pet cat, has been declared the world's longest domestic cat by Guinness Records. The interesting point is this: Guinness World Records declare that Stewie is "the longest cat in the world". He is not! Guinness have forgotten about the wildcats, which, incidentally, is not untypical. Common Guinness guys, wake up.

Even if you accept that Stewie is the longest domestic cat, you would probably be fooling yourself.

What about MAGIC? She is the definitely the world's tallest and largest domestic cat. She is an F1 Savannah cat, a first filial wild cat hybrid (the wild cat is the serval). But it is highly likely that MAGIC is longer than Stewie because she is bigger and taller.

But, you see, Guinness World Records, can't award two titles to one cat. You have to spread the awards around a bit. It's politically correct that way.

Stewie is a fine cat but I say he is just another typical Maine Coon. There are a ton of long Maine Coons. Just look at the Maine Coons on this page for example. It is just a question of who bothers to submit an application to Guinness World Records.

Here is Stewie:

And here is MAGIC:

..who is the longest??


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