Maine Coon lifespan

On average, the Maine Coon lifespan will be the same as any other domestic cat. This is about 14 years. There is one proviso. Purebred cats tend to live a little shorter on average than random bred cats. This is because selective breeding for appearance can affect immune systems and bring in genetic diseases that are carried by recessive genes that would have been invisible and ineffective but for inbreeding.

Some people suggest the Maine Coon lives on average about 13 years. A Swedish insurance company survey found the average age for the MC to be 12.5 years.  I don't know the sample size or any other details. It could be about right though. The MC does have some genetic diseases to cope with.

I would suggest that moggies lives about 3 years longer on average but there are no researched figures on that as far as I am aware.

Some people think a cat is old beyond ten years of age. I disagree but this idea is built around the shortened lives of purebred cats I think.

A good breeder will have an impact on the health of the cats that she breeds. Good breeders should factor in health and longevity. It can be difficult though to know where the good breeders are.


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