Maine Coon Paws Photo

I have the best Maine Coon paws photo! The author is a Flickr photographer, username by ~Sage~.

The TICA Maine Coon breed standard demands tufted feet: "Feet: Large, round and well- tufted." The breed standard is the document that sets out guidelines for the desired appearance of a purebred cat according to the cat association concerned.

Maine Coon cat paw photo - the tufted paws - Photo ~Sage~

I have chosen this photo because of the extreme tufting to the paws. The tufted paw is an adaptation for cold weather. The Maine Coon is a former farm cat if you go back to the 19th century and further. Her name is "Cookiecat". She is a calico Maine Coon. Below are two more photos of her:

Maine Coon paws photo showing very well tufted feet - Photo ~Sage~

This is a cropped part of the above image showing the right paw again:

You won't see better, or longer, or more pronounced Maine Coon paw tufts.


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