Old People’s Homes Should Accept Pets

Old People’s Homes Should Accept Pets | PoC

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I think it is an important point to make that old people's homes should accept pets.  This is because old people are very attached to their pets and sometimes their companion animal is all that they have to keep them going, to get them up in the morning and to give purpose to life.

To wrench their animal away from them because they have to go into a residential care home is very distressing for them.  In fact, 5% of elderly people made it clear in a survey that they would rather die than be separated from their companion animal.  When you consider that three-quarters of old people's homes ban pets then you can see that the policy creates a lot of distress.

Of course, it will almost certainly require a complete rethink of how residential care homes are managed because at the moment, with the current architecture of care homes, it would be impractical in most places, to have pets.  However, if in the future they were built in such a way that they could accommodate cats and dogs and other pets and if also the staff were trained appropriately then it would surely be feasible to allow the elderly to bring their pets with them.

Some old people's homes might be suitable to include pets on a limited basis but every effort should be made to accommodate this vital aspect of an elderly person's life because it can be so vital to their health and welfare.  After all, the whole purpose of an old person's home is to give that person the best possible quality time in the last years of their life.  Almost nothing is as good as a companion animal in achieving that.


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