Purina allegedly paying to gag consumers who post on social media | PoC

This is a shocking state of affairs.  Although, it is only an allegation in court documents at the moment, this is a widespread claim on behalf of very many plaintiffs in 15 states across the USA against the defendant, Purina.  You may well have heard about this case.  It concerns a list of dog foods that they produce under the label Beneful.  They often use the word “healthy" within the name of the food.

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The food is alleged to be far from healthy because it contains ingredients which are toxic to animals including arsenic, mycotoxins (fungus in grain), lead and industrial grade glycols.  The glycols are chemicals and the FDA forbids their use in food because of possible impurities in the manufacturing process.

Purina have allegedly been trying to gag their customers who have been posting stories about their dog's illness caused by eating the food on websites such as Facebook and other online media websites. They have allegedly been doing this by contacting them and offering a payment and then asking them to sign a contract in which they agree to shut up.  If this allegation is true it is reprehensible. I hope no one signs up to this. Tell them to p*ss off, please. Sue them all the way and embarrass them.

To me, this claim is the tip of the iceberg.  The problems go much wider than just with Purina.  More and more pet owners are becoming alert to the fact that the pet food manufacturers do not always have the best interests of the pets at heart.  Perhaps they never have the health and welfare of pets at heart or am I being too cynical?  They appear to be too heavily focused on making a financial profit at the expense of ensuring that their products contain high quality ingredients.

The class-action claim against Purina is for including these toxins without disclosing them.  It is very good to see such an action going through the district courts of America because everything will come out and be reported in the news unless of course Purina make a settlement outside of court and before proceedings commence which I believe is highly likely because they do not want their alleged shady behaviour to become public.

The glycols referred to were also allegedly in the jerky treats which contained ingredients made in China which are the source of another story defective pet food and which is being investigated by the FDA but thus far they have taken over 3000 days to investigate it which clearly indicates that they have no intention to carry out the investigation and are quite probably trying to bury the problem but it won't work. Many dogs died after eating these "treats"  - more like poison...


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