All-white Maine Coon with impressively calm human expression

The photographer is Robert Sijka (per the photo).

This is another Maine Coon with a human expression. It is not an overtly human expression but you can definitely detect the human face in this cat. For some reason, the Maine Coon is predisposed to looking like a person. They can certainly be selectively bred to look that way. The photographer is excellent as well. I seen his work before and he takes outstanding photographs of cats of this breed normally. This is an all-white cat and therefore he may be deaf because the dominant white gene which causes the hair strands to be devoid of pigmentation can also affect hearing. The eyes are a pale blue which is typical of white cats but sometimes they are a more deeper blue than this. Altogether a fabulous looking cat. Imagine owning this cat? Anyone visiting your home would be stunned and all you would talk about would be this beautiful, magnetic creature.


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