Cat falls from ceiling of restaurant in China onto diner's table

 Here is another version of the video in case the one above fails to work properly. This one may be pulled in due course.  

This is not about Maine Coons. Sorry. The reason why the video is here is because the Google adverts on this site seem to make more money :) . This video does not render that well sometimes. It looks squashed. It shows a grey tabby-and-white cat falling from what appears to be the ceiling of the restaurant onto a table of a diner minding his own business. 

The cat completely panics having been thrust into a totally strange and what appears to be a hostile environment. The cat jumps around all over the place, disturbing the people but eventually, I hope, exits the restaurant. 

It's rather unpleasant to see a cat panic so badly. The question is how did this cat fall from the ceiling? I suspect that the ceiling is a false one and is lined with panels which are hung from the real ceiling. In the space between the false ceiling and the actual ceiling there will be electrics. My guess is that that the cat was walking through that area and one of the panels collapsed and the cat fell through onto the table. That's my best guess but we don't see what happened.


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