'Lotus' - another huge Maine Coon


Lotus another huge Maine Coon. Photo?

This Maine Coon is at the very top and of the scale for Maine Coon size despite the fact that this breed is the biggest domestic cat breed on the market. That is if you exclude the wild cat hybrids such as the F1 Savannah cats which are bigger.

This is such an impressive cat and I'm sure the friends of this woman talk about her cat all the time. He is a kind of status symbol although I'm not saying that she is concerned about that. He just is. And I'm sure that when she has guests they talk about this cat all the time. His presence is so all-encompassing you can't help but notice him. I don't know a thing about him other than that he is enormous. It's almost certain that he's in America but he looks to me like he may have been bred in Russia because Russia take this cat breed one step further than other countries. They breed them bigger, with bigger muzzles and they even breed them with human faces.


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