Black Maine Coon Halloween kitten

This photograph is published here with Warren Photographic's written permission. He is a specialist animal photographer. I'm not altogether sure that this sweet, little black kitten is a Main Coon but I don't know because they develop into an adult Maine Coon appearance. I am one day late because Halloween was yesterday but just about within the limit of justifying publishing the picture today, the day after. It's a nice picture particularly as the cat is black. We all know the inherent dangers for black cats at this time because of superstitions over witchcraft. Yes, it is still possible that somebody, somewhere is practising witchcraft, a throwback to the Dark Ages when there were real witches who were killed out of the superstitions of ignorant Christians. I say "real" witches. In my opinion they weren't real at all because witchcraft doesn't really exist. But that's another topic.


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