Nine ways to make sure that your Maine Coon cat is properly insured

Photo: Helmi Flick

You may wish to take out a pet health insurance policy on your Maine Coon cat. Here are nine tips to ensure that the insurer pays out and to make sure that you've not missed something which results in a non-payment on a claim.
  1. Make sure that the details regarding your Maine Coon are up-to-date and notify them of any change in circumstances which includes moving home and relinquishing your cat, which is highly unlikely!
  2. Your insurer will probably not cover your Main Coon if he or she is used for commercial purposes such as breeding. It may also include the cat being used as a therapy animal. I would certainly check this.
  3. Make sure that your Main Coon is within the minimum and maximum age limits for qualifying pets under the insurance policy.
  4. If you're concerned about cover for dental health matters then check the policy because not all pet insurance policies cover this aspect of health i.e. it is not always included as standard.
  5. Pet insurance policies have a 12-month limit. This applies when, for example, you make claim under the policy for a condition such as cancer which is treated and paid for under the policy but which has a time limit. In other words you can claim under the policy for 12 months or up to your veterinary fee limit. Beyond that time the claims for the condition will be excluded from the policy and you won't be able to make claims relating to it. Policies with these 12-month limits are cheaper than lifetime policies under which your premiums will increase when renewed annually. Lifetime policies allow owners to claim for a specific condition throughout the companion cat's lifetime.
  6. Most insurers don't cover basic treatments such as vaccinations, spaying and neutering and pregnancy related issues. Some insurers will require that the basic treatments occur as a condition of the policy being effective.
  7. Watch out for the exclusion period or waiting period which means that pet insurance often does not start until 14 days has elapsed. You can change your mind during this time but you can't make a claim during the first two weeks.
  8. Pre-existing conditions are not covered by most UK insurers. Check the policy to see how they define "existing conditions". If your your Main Coon does have a pre-existing condition check with your insurer.
  9. Finally, it is always advised that you should read the insurance policy word for word no matter how boring and tiresome that task is. Don't assume the meaning of certain words and ask questions if you have to. Make notes if the insurer's employee explains certain terms and conditions because they may become part of the policy.


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