Young Maine Coon looks wise beyond his years

By photographer Robert Sijka. Great work.

This is one of those Maine Coons with a human face and it happens to be a young one who looks wise beyond his years. It's like looking at a human child who has grown up too quickly and will no doubt become a star at something because they are always talented. It's like looking at Mozart but a feline version! The photographer is superb and he has taken many beautiful photographs of Maine Coon cats. Of course, he has been successful in sourcing some wonderful animals. Perhaps he knows a fantastic breeder who has created a long line of beautiful Maine Coons. I don't know but his photographs have been published widely on the Internet. Always adopt from a shelter :)  . I know I am praising a cat breeder and suggesting that you only adopt rescue cats but that is the nature of this: I love great looking cats but my heart is tender for rescues. The latter always wins.


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