Young Maine Coon with a funny, old human face

This is one of those Maine Coons with a human face which are bred in Russia by a Russian breeder. The breeder’s name is Tatiana Rastorgueva and her business is: Cattery Catsvill County. Her website is: MCOON.RU. The picture below is by her I suspect. In this instance a young Maine Coon has a funny human face. This is a young cat with the face of an older human and the human is probably a man. I see a male human face in that cat face! This is confusing. A few months ago I wrote about Maine Coons with human faces so I have a page on this which you might like to read. It is all about selective breeding. No doubt this breeder decided to create a breeding line which produced cats with human faces. It may have happened accidentally by which I mean she probably bumped into a Maine Coon which she thought looked a bit like a human, bought their cat and then selectively bred that cat with another to gradually, over time, create a whole family of fascinating-looking Maine Coons. They are extremely popular, I am sure because people love the unusual and these cats caused quite a stir when they were aired on the Internet several months ago.
Here is another:


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