What should Maine Coon cats eat?

Maine Coon cats should eat the same food as any other domestic cat. It depends on your budget. But as you are living with a beautiful and probably quite expensive domestic cat you should feed your Maine Coon cat a very high quality diet. This means a high quality wet food diet with the occasional treat if you wish.

Image by Heinz Hummel from Pixabay 

I have changed my mind somewhat about dry cat food. The best quality dry cat food, although unnatural, are not at all bad and are certainly acceptable for grazing from time to time. I feed my cat Hills Oral Care which I find to be a good food.

His coat always feels very nice after he eats it. I think that that is a good sign. I am not sure about the efficacy of specialist oral care dry cat foods with respect to their ability to clean teeth. I don't really believe it but I'm not sure. The convenience of dry cat food makes it attractive and even the more expensive ones can work out more cheaply than wet cat food which goes off very quickly on the plate.

So to recap, Maine Coons are, apart from their appearance, standard domestic cats and therefore they should eat standard domestic cat food. Just make it as high a quality as you possibly can.


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