Picture of an humungous Maine Coon held by woman with tattoos

This is a very impressive grey tabby Maine Coon with shaggy fur. The outstanding feature is the cat's size. He is one of those super-sized Maine Coons which are becoming increasingly common on the internet because people love to see humungous Maine Coons. It is the biggest domestic cat made bigger. Size counts in the world of cats.

Humungous Maine Coon held by woman with tattoos
Humungous Maine Coon held by woman with tattoos. Photo: Pinterest.

The cat looks as if he has been painted into the photograph. It is almost unreal. We are getting used to very large Maine Coons. But they are unusual. Look at the tufts of hair between the toes. This is very Maine Coonish. They are written up in the breed standard so they are desirable. They hark back to the days when the cat was a working barn cat on farms in Maine, USA.


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