Example of extreme Maine Coon breeding (comparison)

Here is a simple montage of two Maine Coons. The first is what I'd call extreme breeding with a huge muzzle and ears. And the head is massive as is the whole cat. The second shows a British Maine Coon (male) cat show winner: "Best Opposite Sex in Show was Ellie & Lisa Aggett's Male Adult, IGrCh ISADORYOU I-HAVE-A -DREAM (MCO d 22)" - the title is verbatim from the GCCF website. I think the image tells the story that I wish to tell. I am not passing judgement. It is just an observation. The extreme bred Maine Coon is gaining traction i.e. becoming more popular with adopters.

Comparison of extreme bred Maine Coon and UK version
Comparison of extreme bred Maine Coon and UK version. Photo below: GCCF.

In the old days you would never have seen a single cat like the one you see here which is bred to extreme. These are a new invention in an ever more competitive market place. The tend to come from Russian breeders. Are they exclusively from Russia? Probably. I don't think you'll see them in America.

For completeness here is a picture of an early Maine Coon for a further comparison:

How times have changed! The muzzle of the 1903 cat is very standard. In fact the whole cat is indistinguishable from a ragular moggy. I prefer the 1903 cat personally. More normal. I like normality. It is better for the cat too as extreme breeding cat lead to health issues.


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