Picture of an extraordinary Maine Coon tail

Wow, describes my emotions when I saw this plumed Maine Coon tail. I mean, the Maine Coon tail is meant to be grand and fabulous but this! Amazing. It is as long and as impressive as the tail of a snow leopard and they are the world's best cat tails (the longest and thickest).

CFA breed standard states (the official guideline to breeders on how the tail should look for this breed): 

TAIL: long, wide at base, and tapering. Fur long and flowing.

They call them 'plumed' which sort of sums up the appearance. It certainly applies to this cat's tail. Why is she or he outside the home? Thieves about! Too glamorous. Too desirable. Especially during lockdown. But this pic was taken years ago before a pandemic was even dreamt about.

Picture of an extraordinary Maine Coon tail
Picture of an extraordinary Maine Coon tail. Picture in the public domain.

My best guess is that this individual is female. You can detect it in the face. A little more femine that the face of a typical male. This is a gray tabby with a beauty of a white ruff. She is tall and therefore long. Maine Coons should be long and slender undeneath all that shaggy medium-length coat. The so called longest domestic cats was (is) a Maine Coon: Stewie (Aussie?).


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