Singapore Maine Coon cat owner dies. Rush to adopt their 5 cats through pet store

This is an unusual story from Singapore. Five Maine coon cats are up for adoption through what appears to be a pet shop because their owner passed away. The owner has remained anonymous but he or she was a regular customer of a local pet store SGPetShop. The deceased person entrusted the store with their cats to rehome them. The store appears to be doing a thorough job in rehoming and have advertised the situation on Facebook using their Facebook page. There's been a bit of a rush of applicants in comments.

The Maine Coon cats are aged between one to three years. The adoption fee is 450 Singaporean dollars. The pet store is being quite careful in vetting the adopters. Once vetted they will be notified. This post may be historic in that I would expect the vetting process to be carried out quite quickly. The person died in late January as I understand it.

450 Singaporean dollars is the equivalent of US$337. Some people have questioned whether the adoption fee is too high but it has to cover the usual work which appears in this case to be sterilisation. I find that strange. It appears that the person was breeding Maine Coons otherwise why wouldn't they have sterilised their cats?

These Maine Coons are pretty standard. They are not bred to extreme as some Maine Coons are nowadays. In fact, they don't look that different from standard, quite large, random bred cats.


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