Blue Smoke Maine Coon

This is Foxhilltigers Milky way blue (smoke) Maine Coon. They are a Maine Coon breeder in Germany (link to their website). He is a great looking cat and it is nice to have the coat type from the person who created the cat.

Blue smoke Maine Coon
Blue smoke Maine Coon. Photo: 
Fox Hill Tigers.

It can be tricky to decide the type of coat on a purebred cat because there is a huge array of variations and there can be subtle differences. The Maine Coon has a large range of acceptable coat types. This cat looks absolutely classic in terms of Maine Coon appearance. I am sure he has done well at cat shows if he has attended them. His face is all you want in a Maine Coon. Gentle but strong.

The breeder is located in Engelsbrand, Germany:


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