Grey Maine Coon looking wisely human

This is another picture of one of those strangely bizarre and compelling human-faced wise Maine Coons. You may have seen them on the Internet. They look at the camera with complete calm as if they know full well that they are imbued with the wisdom of ages even though they might be only about 12 months old! 

These Maine Coons are selectively bred to look like this are little masterpieces and it must have taken many years of artificial breathing i.e. selective breeding to achieve this result. It must have been done with a distinct purpose and objective. It wouldn't happen by accident.

Grey Maine Coon looking wisely human
Grey Maine Coon looking wisely human. Photo: Twitter.

You almost feel that you are looking at a person. I wonder what it is like to live with a cat like this. Does it help the human caretaker to relate better with their domestic cat companion if they look like a person! I know people relate to their domestic cat companions as little people but in this instance you almost are! You would expect them to talk back to you in your native tongue.

I don't know about you, but I find that if I photograph my cat and he is looking at the camera he won't stay still for more than a few seconds. He knows, it seems to me, that he is being photographed and he doesn't like it. He thinks that I'm stealing his soul like some primitive tribal person in the Amazon jungle.

I have to photograph him within a matter of seconds if I want a full frontal portrait of him. And even if I photograph him from behind his ears swivel towards the camera and once he hears the shutter being fired he knows that he is being photographed and decides to bugger off because he hates me photographing him. It's a massive challenge to get something useful and publishable.

Clearly the cat in the picture has no such problems. He appears to adore the camera and is highly confident that he'll look good, mysterious and just like a 65-year-old male human. And that is another issue with these sorts of human-faced cats. They always remind me of men and not women. I don't know if that is deliberate in terms of selective breeding or just by chance.

I would think it will be very difficult, impossible in fact, to try and selectively breed a Maine Coon with an elderly woman's face rather than an elderly man's face.


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