Pictures of Lotus a huge Maine Coon

Lotus is well known on the internet. I don't know if he is male or she is female! It sounds like a female name so here goes. She is one of those celebrity cats and genuinely enormous. At the top end of Maine Coon size which these days does indeed mean enormous. She is the size of a bobcat but not as heavy. Bobcats are all muscle and Maine Coons are quite rangy and slender beneath all that ruffled, shaggy fur.

Lotus a huge Maine Coon with a superb plumed tail as expected
Lotus a huge Maine Coon with a superb plumed tail as expected. Picture:

She has a succesful Instagram page which is where these pictures come from. It is evidence that the public love their large pet cats. And the Maine Coon is the largest but not all of them are as magnificent as Lotus. She is special. And being female (if I am correct on gender) makes her more special. Females are generally a bit smaller than males and yet she is as big as the biggest male.

I have no idea where she lives. I really don't. It is somewhere where they experience cold and snowy winters. Perhaps Canada or the north of the US. Or even Russia. Although the owner writes English like a native.

Lotus in the snow
Lotus in the snow. Photo: Instagram

Lotus has a superb plumed tail as she is meant to have under the breed standard. Top marks there. I would doubt that she has ever been entered into a cat show. She is appears to be a pet with other cats one of which is another large Maine Coon. They love their large domestic cats.

Lotus Maine Coon
Lotus Maine Coon. Photo: Instagram.


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