QC's Maine Coon cat features in virtual Old Bailey hearing

Naz Hussain QC was conducting a virtual hearing at the Old Bailey from his kitchen! I'm sure this sort of hearing takes place all the time with the modern coronavirus pandemic social isolation rules taking effect across the country. On this occasion - and this can't be unexpected - Naz Hussain's beautiful grey Maine Coon cat meandered into view, lurking in the background before walking onto the keyboard and into frame for the court to see.

Naz Hussain QC's Maine Coon 'Columbo'
Naz Hussain QC's Maine Coon 'Columbo'. Photo: Naz Hussain QC.

The cat's name is called Columbo and the judge having spotted Columbo asked if the cat was the instructing solicitor for the senior criminal defence barrister, Mr Hussain! This prompted Mr Hussain to jokingly respond by saying that the cat was his replacement junior (i.e. a junior barrister accompanying the QC).

Stardom beckoned and Columbo now has a social media webpage: AdvoCat_QC on Twitter which will chronicle Columbo's activities.

Apparently there was a discussion on Radio 4 about Naz Hussain QC's cat which was a surprise to him. He is happy that the unexpected incident has made people laugh. It went viral and Mr Hussain's junior barrister told him that is cat was on the news. He couldn't believe it. 

A similar incident occurred in the US when an attorney's computer filtered his face during a virtual hearing which turned him into a young cat. He couldn't turn the software off. The judge saw the funny side and released the video to the public. It went viral on news media.

P.S. Columbo is very typey for a Maine Coon meaing his is spot on for appearance per the breed standard.


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