Cutest Maine Coon kitten ever on tiktok from robert_sijka

An amazingly cute Maine Coon kitten with the face of an old man. How amazing is that?! It is by robert_sijka who has a reputation for the amazing.

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Cutest old man Maine Coon kitten
Cutest old man Maine Coon kitten. Photo: robert_sijka.

This is one of those amazing 'old man' Maine Coon kittens with the human faces by robert_sijka. I am going to have to find out some more about this man. He has an amazing access to amazing Maine Coons and he is an amazing photographer and video maker as well. The upshot? Amazing stuff. This little fella is so cute and a bit strange. He looks unreal. He is adorable. I don't know much about the breeder but I think this one is a Russian breeder based in China! That sounds implausible and I may well be dreaming. But I researched this some time ago. May be mistaken. If you know something about the breeder please share in a comment. Thanks.


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