Maine Coon scared of everything?

This is not about individual cats of the Maine Coon breed being scared of everything. Maine Coon cats are just like any other domestic cat. They are not scared of everything. If they are properly raised underfoot and socialised then, just like any other properly raised domestic cat, they are not scared of everything. That said, domestic cats in general can be a little bit anxious about many things because they are, after all, living in a human world. We should not forget that.

My Maine Coon is scared of everything
My Maine Coon is scared of everything? Image: MikeB based on images from Pixabay and a Instagram. The Maine Coon in the background is not 'scared of everything'!

So, if a person visits the Internet looking for advice because their Maine Coon cat is 'scared of everything', they need to look at three things (1) how their cat was socialised by the breeder from whom they purchased the cat or (2) if they adopted the cat from another person whether that person mistreated their cat or allowed their cat to live in an improper environment and (3) whether they are providing their cat with a proper environment and interaction.

If a domestic cat, any domestic cat, is scared of everything something is dramatically wrong with the environment in which that cat is living or they have been poorly socialised during the first seven weeks of their life. The way to overcome this problem is to ensure that the home in which the cat lives feels secure to the cat which means no loud noises, nothing unusual happening, calm rhythms and routines in their life, excellent food, excellent interaction between cat and owner. You get the drift. These are all influences which should help to calm a cat down and eliminate anxieties.

These are factors which should always be present in a cat owner's home. It does not take an awful lot for a domestic cat to become slightly anxious. We must remind ourselves that they are much smaller than humans. A lot of what they see and hear can seem dangerous to them. It is up to people to reassure their companion animals. It is a part of being a responsible cat guardian.

The inherent character of the Maine Coon cat is not timidity or a predisposition towards being scared of everything. Quite the contrary. They have a relaxed and easy-going demeanour and they get along well with children and dogs as well as other cats. They are people-orientated but they are not overdependent and needy or attention seeking. They prefer to hang-out with their owners and do not necessarily want to be held but like to be with their owners. They do have tiny voices, it is said, which may give the impression to some owners that they are scared. This is not the case.

If you think that your Maine Coon cat companion is scared all the time then asked some profound questions about your relationship with your cat. Ask those questions based upon what I have written above and if you see some weaknesses in what you are doing as a cat guardian work out a plan to correct them. Your guiding light is to provide your cat with constant reassurances and a warm, non-hostile, environmentally rich environment in which to live.

P.S. Exceptionally rarely a domestic cat may have mental health issues but the experts have little knowledge of this. So be careful in diagnosing mental health problems in domestic cats. If you are convinced there are mental health problems consider tranquillisers but it is essential to see a veterinarian first. This is vital because it is dangerous to proscribe medication for a cat without expertise.


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