Nervous about getting a second Maine Coon but it worked out great

The video shows a wonderful friendship between a resident Maine Coon and the incoming Maine Coon. The owners were a little nervous about the prospects of them getting along but, it seems, they needn't have been. They are the best of friends. When it works out like this it is incredibly pleasing. It can be difficult to predict whether an incoming cat will get along with a resident cat. In fact, it is probably impossible because it is about chemistry just like humans. And there is no accounting for chemistry in relationships.

Incoming Maine Coon gets on great with resident Maine Coon pleasing their owners
Incoming Maine Coon gets on great with resident Maine Coon pleasing their owners. Screenshot.

But, when they get along the owner knows that some responsibilities are taken off her shoulders. The responsibility of making sure that their cat is entertained and content. That responsibility is still there but with a cat companion a resident cat who was the only cat in the household suddenly has a feline friend and that's a bit different to having a human friend. They don't have a language barrier for a start off!

Their behaviour integrates beautifully and there's no problem with height difference and all these other barriers to a successful relationship between domestic cat and human. I believe that when people adopt a second cat for their home from a rescue centre that they should be allowed to return the cat within a week if it does not work out. If all rescue centres did this I think that they would have more adoptions.

I'm not sure, but I believe that a lot of people are considering adopting a second cat to keep their existing cat company but are fearful that it won't work out so they don't do it.

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