Super Maine Coon outside in the backyard on a fence post

I don't have a lot of information about this handsome cat except that he is a Maine Coon which is pretty obvious anyway because this cat's appearance is very much in line with the breed standard. I am referring to the lynx tipped ears and plumed tail plus the square-muzzled face and the overall size which is very large - the largest of the domestic cat breeds. I think - a bit of a guess - that this cat lives in Germany. He lives with Silvia Schäftner and I believe that his name is Picasso.

He has a collar. This points to the possibility that he is allowed to go outside unsupervised but I am guessing again. The place looks tidy and well organised which supports the view that this is Northern Europe and the owner's name is, I believe, German. Picasso is a blotched brown tabby, a very nice and appropriate coat type for a Maine Coon as it is a reflection of the coat of the early Maine Coons in America when they were non-purebred barn cats.

Super Maine Coon outside in the backyard
Super Maine Coon outside in the backyard. Photo: Silvia Schäftner on Facebook.


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