Teeny Maine Coon kitten with a hint of Einstein

Here he is, the teeny-tiny Maine Coon who licked an electrical socket :) . That's the comment of a funnyman on the Reddit.com website. They say this little fella or girl is a Maine Coon but I have no idea is that is actually the case (where are the ears for example!?). It does not matter an awful lot because this is about the face and the backlit hair. The expression is priceless. The eye color is super as it matches the fur colour. He/she is some sort of tabby cat I believe.

Teeny tiny Maine Coon kitten named Tony
Teeny tiny Maine Coon kitten named Tony. Photo: Reddit.com

An awesome little cat who must be the cutest on the internet today. There is a hint of Einstein in there somewhere. It's the shaggy coat. Maine Coons are meant to have medium-longhaired shaggy coats. But where are the ears! Is this a Scottish Fold!? Could be unless the ears are hidden by the fur with is 'burnt out' photographically speaking.

Photo in the public domain on Pinterest. This is Einstein, the great man whose general theory of relativity is now in question.


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