Big Maine Coon acts as guard dog to British home


The guy who made the video and posted it to YouTube said: "This handsome fella visits mum daily for tickles, petting and attention. It's become a daily routine for him."

So, this Maine Coon is an indoor/outdoor cat which is unusual as he is stupendous. I mean that he looks special, in which case he is a candidate for theft. But he does look as if he is guarding the house.

Stupendous Maine Coon allowed outside without supervision
Stupendous Maine Coon allowed outside without supervision. Screenshot.

Although we are not told, it seems that the video was made in England. This sort of extreme-bred Maine Coon is quite rare in the UK. I'd be fearful of losing him if let outside. But there you are. Some people either don't see the danger or are insistent that their cat, no matter how special and valuable, is allowed outside at their own volition.


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