European Maine Coon with clown's face and comet cloud coat

This is a cat from Eurocoons in Kansas, USA. They breed European Maine Coons. Their foundation cats come from Ukraine. Ukraine is affiliated with Russia as I see it and the Russians breed amazing Maine Coons so the pedigree is there and their cats do looks awesome. They feed them raw food with love. You can check them out for yourself because I don't know them and I can't speak for them. All I can do is repeat what they say on their websites. They are very ambitious judging by the number of websites they have. And they've deliberately focused on the European Maine Coon on the basis that it is different to the American Maine Coon.

This is their 'Quiet Arya'. He looks very placid being held aloft. His coat is amazing. His face is tortoiseshell and his body looks smokey with mittens on the toes. A great looking and unusual looking cat.

Note: European Maine Coons are the same breed as American Maine Coons. It is that the interpretation of the breed standard is slightly different. But you can get wild-looking and extreme bred Maine Coons in America as well. This is my understanding of the situation.

European Maine Coon 'Quiet Arya'
European Maine Coon 'Quiet Arya'. Photo: Eurocoons via Pinterest.

My understanding of the difference between European and American Maine Coons is that the former have more exaggerated features. Their muzzles are more pronounced and their tails bushier. Their ears are taller with long and distinctive lynx tips. One site says they are wilder looking. I'm not sure that is true. I have seen human faces on European Maine Coons. They seem to have a knowing, wise face and be very calm. But there is no science in that remark.

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