Maine Coon is all ears and paws with a strong muzzle in-between

This ginger-and-white Maine Coon is all ears and paws surrounding a strong muzzle. Well, that is what I see when I look at the photo. It is an unusual Maine Coon photo. It is like two very tall ears with a ton of 'ear furnishings' (hair in cat fancy language) at one end and large paws at the other. In the middle is cat face with an exaggerated muzzle. Every part of this young, male Maine Coon that makes him a member of this cat breed has been exaggerated through careful artificial selection (selective breeding). 

Maine Coon is all ears and paws
Maine Coon is all ears and paws with a strong square muzzle in-between. Photo: Pinterest.

The breeder has taken the breed standard, highlighted the bits which distinguishes this cat from the others and said, 'Let's makes those elements stronger and more noticeable'. And they've succeeded. The ginger gene 'O' is sex-linked, so I know that this is a male cat. There are some female ginger tabbies (all gingers are tabbies) but they are sterile. His eyes match his fur, they are a fiery gold.

Maine Coon became more popular during the Covid pandemic. Read more about the Maine Coon.


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