7 times the normal enquiries about adopting a Maine Coon in NZ during Covid

This is a short note because I don't have much information on this topic but I'm reliably told that, in New Zealand, enquiries for the purchase of Maine Coons increased from 15-20 per week to about 20 per day. This is very much in line with the information that I have about a surge in mainly dog but some cat adoptions in the UK over the period of the pandemic. 

Large, loved Maine Coon
Large, loved Maine Coon. Photo: screenshot.

In terms of the pandemic, in the UK, life has been back to normal, more or less, for quite a long time now which would have put a stop this dramatic increase in adoptions of cats and dogs. But, in New Zealand they are still in a lockdown which will be dropped if the rate of vaccination is more than 90%.

I would expect, therefore, that this high level of enquiries to adopt a Maine Coon, which means purchasing one from a breeder, will continue. People just want company during extensive lockdowns. And they see these strange circumstances as an ideal opportunity to adopt a cat or dog. 

The big question is whether that desire continues once they return to work in the office, at which time it will be harder to discharge one's responsibilities to care for a companion animal properly. This particularly applies to dogs but cats as well. Often people have the misconception that they can leave their cats alone in an apartment or a house all day, while they are at work, without any impact on thei cat because they are independent-minded. This is incorrect, I can guarantee it.


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