Between 9.5% and 26.2% of Swedish Maine Coons have HCM

I wanted to find out the prevalence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) in Maine Coons. I found a study which assessed 42 Maine Coons in Sweden who had no symptoms of heart disease (asymptomatic). I am not sure how representative these cats are to the general population in other countries but the information is probably useful to get a feel for the percentage of cats with the disease. 

Grudge the Maine Coon cat actor in Star Trek Discovery. Photo: Twitter.
Grudge the Maine Coon cat actor in Star Trek Discovery. Photo: Twitter.

Maine Coons are known to be predisposed to HCM as are Bengal cats, incidentally. I think these diseases are a hazard of selective breeding. They are perpetuated by breeders although I am sure they do their best to remove them from their breeding lines.

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The study is called: Prevalence of myocardial hypertrophy in a population of asymptomatic Swedish Maine coon cats. It is dated June 2008. The finding was that "Depending on the reference values used, the prevalence of HCM in this study varied from 9.5% to 26.2%."

The 'reference values' means the degree of abnormality in the heart muscles that constitute HCM. The scientists in the study said "Our study suggests that the left ventricular wall thickness of a normal cat is 5.0 mm or less, rather than 6.0 mm, previously used by most cardiologists."

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At the lower end of about 10% it is still a high percentage. That's one in ten cats. At the top end it is one if four cats.

Link to the study.


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