Maine Coon 'Monsieur Lulu' in Montreal who will only eat croissants with imported French butter

The title says it. It comes from a tweet:

He lives in Montreal and will only eat croissants made from imported French butter.

Well, living in Montreal he has adopted a French person's taste. I guess his human caregiver eats imported French butter and he likes it! Butter contains fat and cats like fat. Simple. You can see the half-eaten croissant on the table behind him. The alternative story is that it is breakfast time and the croissant was eaten by a human and the same human photographed her cat and claimed he had eaten it as it makes a neat tweet :) . I'd go for that version although we all know that cats like butter and milk. The latter is not good for them as many domestic cats are lactose intolerant. They don't have the gut enzyme, lactase, to digest lactose. I have the same problem. In fact, I have stopped drinking all cow's milk even lactose-free milk. I use oak milk for cereal and even that causes bloat.


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