Snow Queen Maine Coon

The Snow Queen (Danish: Snedronningen) is an original fairy tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Gowns have been made from the story. This cat looks like a beautiful woman in a snow queen gown. She's the prettiest cat I've seen for a long time.

Snow Queen Maine Coon
Snow Queen Maine Coon. Photo: Twitter.

Here is a pretty lady in a snow queen gown:

Pretty woman in a snow queen gown
Pretty woman in a snow queen gown. Photo: Joyce Young.

I think the cat is more impressive than the woman :) Imagine living with a Maine Coon this beautiful. It would be impossible. Well, not really but I'd be constantly in awe of her. And she'd have to be captive; a full-time indoor cat. Imagine her wandering around outside whenever she wanted to. That would be impossible.

Remember that white cats can be deaf. Around 50% are affected, as I recall are. 

A researcher, George Strain concluded:
"that out of 256 white cats from three studies, 12.1% were deaf in one ear (unilaterally deaf) and 37.9% were deaf in both ears (bilaterally deaf). In other words, 50% of the cats were affected by deafness". 

You'll need to check that health issue if you have fallen in love with a snow queen cat and want to adopt. It probably won't change anything as cats get along really well when 'disabled' or let's say challenged with one of their senses. And many have blue eyes. Why? Click this.


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