Wet Maine Coon loses her gloss and glamour

You decide what this tweet means from this Maine Coon's caregiver, Jessica Price, because I don't have a clue. Please explain Jessica. I am interested.

The sadness of the freshly scratched-up Maine Coon bather, who has scratches in places we don’t want to talk about from being in a shower stall with a panicking baby lynx.

But what is clear is when a Maine Coon is wet, they lose all their glossy glamour. And the Maine Coon can be quite skinny below their medium-longhaired, natural-looking coat for which they are rightly famous. The huge Maine Coon that we see is no longer evident. Perhaps the worst part is the tail. The magnificent plumed tail looks like a frayed, wet dishcloth. Nice pic. She is female and relatively small compared to some Maine Coons I have seen. That's a good thing as the public is starting to believe that all Maine Coons are gargantuan. They're not. The breed standard doesn't even state that they have got to be large.


Wet Maine Coon has lost all their gloss and glamour
Wet Maine Coon has lost all their gloss and glamour. Photo: Jessica Price on Twitter.

She got wet inadvertently, I think. I am sure that you know this: bathing cats is not necessary unless there is a genuine emergency and the coat has become contaminated for whatever reason - paint on coat for example. 


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