Maine Coon Singapore Facebook administrator sold 2 cats from a breeder for S$400 commission

NEWS AND COMMENT: Although, the detail in the story is a little bit thin, it is an interesting one. It concerns the administrator Derek Chew Keng Khoon, 45,  of a Facebook page called Maine Coon Singapore. It's a kind of meeting place for Singapore citizens who live with a Maine Coon. It also appears to be a place where some people visit for the purposes of trying to purchase a Maine Coon. As I understand it, it is against Facebook policy to sell cats on their website.

Maine Coon Singapore Facebook administrator sold 2 cats from a breeder on S$400 commission
Maine Coon Singapore Facebook administrator sold 2 cats from a breeder on S$400 commission

Khoon is accused by the Singaporean authorities of using his flat as a pet shop to sell two kittens. I will presume that these kittens were Maine Coons. His name, incidentally, is very apt, I think you will agree. Maybe that's partly why he loves Maine Coon cats.

He faces three criminal charges in Singapore: two of them concern using his flat as a shop to sell to kittens between January 5, 2020 and February 29, 2020 without a licence to do so. He is also been charged with causing unnecessary suffering of the two kittens he intended to sell on commission by failing to take them to a veterinary clinic for treatment.

He claims that occasionally buyers and sellers come to the Facebook page for help. At the time he had lost his job because of a panic attack he said. It appears that he was asked by a seller of Maine Coons who I will presume is a breeder to sell to Maine Coon kittens through his Facebook webpage. The reward for him was S$200 commission. In other words, a seller of cats, presumed to be Maine Coons, went to this gentleman asking to seller his cats on the Facebook page.

It appears that the breeder normally sells cats on Gumtree. It is troubling to note that the kittens were not in great health. One kitten had rashes on his/her legs which he had seen but didn't believe it was that serious. A man bought the kitten and then came back for the second one so he believed that the health issue on the first was not serious.

He is going to be on trial for breaking animal welfare laws in Singapore and if he is convicted he can be fined up to 5000 Singaporean dollars for using his home as a pet shop without a licence. For the alleged animal cruelty charges, if he is convicted, he can be fined up to 40,000 Singaporean dollars and/or be jailed for two years.

For me, it is the first time that I have read about a seller of cats going through a Facebook page administrator to sell their cats on commission.



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