Big Floppa Tortie Maine Coon

The ear tufts are very similar to those of the caracal; very long and floppy. Ear tufts (lynx-tipped ears) are a vital part of the Maine Coon image. It is one of the breed's distinguishing features. Breeders work on them to make sure they are pronounced. These ear tufts bend under their own weight. It is neat and the ultimate sign of great lynx-tipped ears 😎. This is a tortoiseshell Maine Coon and therefore with 99% certainty we can say that the gender is female. All tortoiseshells are feminine. Male torties act like masculized females.

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Big Floppa Tortie Maine Coon
Big Floppa Tortie Maine Coon. Photo: Pinterest and therefore deemed in the public domain.

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The coat is nicely shaggy. There is not much of a ruff. The muzzle is nice and square and strong. That works well. The eyes match the coat; nice touch. Even the ear flap on the left matches the coat as the light from behind the cat passes through the thin construction to highlight the blood vessels near the surface. Ears can be warm to touch sometimes for this reason. You are touching the interior of the cat almost.


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