Maine Coon with warrior war paint

It is a slightly flamboyant title but when I saw this cat I immediately thought of the warrior war paint of the native American. It is as if someone painted this prominent white line down the middle of this handsome Maine Coon's face. And their lynx-tipped ears are tipped in dusky white. The ruff is in white too so it looks like a genuine human ruff from the mid-16th century to the mid-17th century. All-in-all a cracking cat. This looks like a black smoke coat with the white spotting gene creating the 'blaze' down the face. I think this is a polygenetic coat. But I don't know a lot about cat genetics.

ASSOCIATED PAGE: Difference between European and American Maine Coons

Maine Coon with warrior war paint
Maine Coon with warrior war paint. Picture in the public domain.


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