Male ginger tabby Maine Coon kitten dazzles

This is another cracker of a Maine Coon kitten from Russia. There is the hint of a human face which adds a bit of glamour and glitter to this cat. Ginger tabbies always look good and if you believe it, they always have nice characters too (subject to being raised properly underfoot). The breeder is Viktoria Vyacheslavovna Terskaya who I believe is Russian or who lives in one of the former Russian satellite states. This is a typical European Maine Coon well bred in terms of appearance. I have no knowledge whatsoever of the cat's health. That's an important topic which is often overlooked. But Maine Coons have serious inherited health conditions to which adopters need to pay attention when buying.

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Male ginger tabby Maine Coon kitten dazzles
Male ginger tabby Maine Coon kitten dazzles. Photo: Viktoria Vyacheslavovna Terskaya.

I can see that the photographer has used ring flash for the photo. You see the reflection in the eyes. This lighting is soft and shadowless. 

The gene responsible for the ginger cat is known as orange and is symbolised by O. The cat's pigment physiology is changed so that only yellow pigment is produced instead of a mixture of yellow and black in the tabby and black for the non-agouti. Yellow is the technical term for the pigment granule that produces: red pigmentation, yellow pigmentation and cream pigmentation. With this mutation, the black tabby striping is replaced by red striping of the same pattern while the intervening agouti areas become yellow or rich beige, in the words of Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders and Veterinarians.

The O gene is sex-linked and 80% of ginger tabbies are males. Despite this cat's tender years the muzzle is already prominent. He'll be very Maine Coonish when he grows up. He has matching eye colour.


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