Figaro: a 28-pound black-and-white super-placid Maine Coon

Not only is Figaro enormous at 28 pounds in weight, he is extremely placid. He is pliable and accepting. I get a clear sense that he is a very evenly-balanced domestic cat companion. The best kind really. And what is interesting is that every time I look at videos of really big Maine Coons they generally tend to be of the same character. I'm not sure what is going on here. Perhaps they all originate in one, single, super-placid enormous Maine Coon from about a hundred years ago. 

And those genes have come forward to the present day. That is more than speculative, it is probably a bit crazy but perhaps not as far-fetched as it sounds. All Bengal cats for instance come from just a few individual cats.

Figaro a 28-pound black-and-white super placid Maine Coon
Figaro a 28-pound black-and-white super-placid Maine Coon. Screenshot.

Black-and-white cats are, as you know, bicolour cats which is another way of saying two-colours. The white part of the black-and-white coat is the result of the presence of the piebald or white-spotting gene which is part of the cat's genetic make-up. Part of the genotype of the cat. And the phenotype is a bicolour coat. The white-spotting gene stops pigmentation being placed into the hair strands by the pigment producing cells in the skin. 

 The return to this cat's character; the only reason really why this cat is placid is because of genetic inheritance plus he has been raised very well by the breeder I would suggest. He has been thoroughly well socialised and we probably should praise this breeder. We don't know who they are unless it is the woman in the video, which I doubt.


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