German bred blue-cream tortie Maine Coon has a perfect muzzle for me

Having looked at thousands of pictures of Maine Coon cats and studied the CFA breed standard I've become somewhat obsessive about the muzzle of this ever-popular cat breed. It is an important and distinguishing characteristic of the breed. I am beginning to sound like a member of the cat fancy when I am very much an outsider. I have to say that the muzzle on this individual is very pretty if I am allowed to use that adjective.

German bred Maine Coon has a perfect muzzle for me
German bred Maine Coon has a perfect muzzle for me. The cat is described by the breeder (Viktorija ShadowMeadow) as blue-cream tortoiseshell. The cat is 8-months-old.

I think it is very well balanced. And that is an important factor in the breeding of these cats. Maine Coon cats should have a visibly square muzzle with a blunt end to it but it should not be bred to extreme to the point where it becomes out of balance with the rest of the face. 

I have seen extreme muzzles and although they look interesting and impressive to some people, I don't think they really meet the breed standard. And I also believe that any cat bred to an extreme is not going to be aesthetically pleasing. 

The whole point, at the end of the day, is to create a very pleasing appearance to the majority of people. Extreme breeding can never achieve that. 

That's why I particularly like this individual Maine Coon. The muzzle is strong and has a squareness about it with a blunt end but it is in proportion to the rest of the head to create a "pleasant, balanced appearance" to quote the CFA breed standard. That's why I am featuring this cat on this page.

CFA breed standard for muzzle/chin:

MUZZLE/CHIN: is visibly square, medium in length and blunt ended when viewed in profile. It may give the appearance of being a rectangle but should not appear to be tapering or pointed. Length and width of the muzzle should be proportionate to the rest of the head and present a pleasant, balanced appearance


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