Maine Coon Rescue on Facebook does not rescue Maine Coons

I think this needs to be stated but it may be apparent to other people. You will find on the Internet "Maine Coon Rescue" organisations. They purport to rescue Maine Coons and then find a new owner for them. But it is impossible for these organisations to be viable because there are so few Maine Coons that need rescuing for obvious reasons.

Maine Coon Rescue on Facebook does not rescue Maine Coons!
Maine Coon Rescue on Facebook does not rescue Maine Coons!. My message to them. No response 4 hours later. Still waiting.

One such organisation is on Facebook. It is called 'Maine Coon Rescue' and it has supporters and about 27,000 followers. It is ranked highly in reviews. BUT this organisation cannot be rescuing genuine Maine Coons. They say that they rescue Maine Coon mix cats but anybody can say that. They have a calendar and featured on the calendar is a genuine Maine Coon. This is misleading.

Maine Coon mix cats look like medium-longhaired moggies. And they are medium-longhaired moggies. A Maine Coon is either a Maine Coon or it is not a Maine Coon. A purebred cat is either a purebred cat or it is not. If it is not, it is a random bread cat and a moggy. It's as black-and-white as that.

It is rare that one can be as black and white as that but in respect of Maine Coon cats and pedigree cats you can be. The answer is in the word "purebred". Maine Coons are purebred cats. Within that word is the word "pure". Pure means what it says. It means without anything which adulterates the substance or in this instance cat. The object is not mixed with anything.

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You could argue that the description "Maine Coon mix" is an oxymoron. An oxymoron is when a phrase contradicts itself. Which is exactly what that phrase does. You can't mix into a Maine Coon something which is not Maine Coon and still call it a Maine Coon.

And in fact the cat associations make it clear that Maine Coons cannot be outcrossed with any other breed and certainly not with a non-purebred cat.

It would seem that somebody, sometime ago, started up Maine Coon Rescue. And the intention probably was at that time to genuinely rescue Maine Coon cats and rehome them. But they probably figured out quite quickly that there weren't enough Maine Coons requiring rescuing. And therefore they had to expand their operation to include non-Maine Coon cats.

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In order to make the operation seem viable and in accordance with the title of the operation they decided to call their rescue cats "Maine Coon mix". It doesn't work and I think it is actually an insult to people.

The title "Maine Coon Rescue" is misleading. It is going to mislead adopters into believing that they will be rescuing a genuine Maine Coon and in doing so save themselves a lot of money. Purebred Maine Coons can cost $1000 or more in America. When you adopt a rescue cat you are paying the adoption fee normally which might be $100 or so.

And a lot of people really don't know what a Maine Coon cat looks like in terms of the breed standard. What I mean is they don't have a precise knowledge of the appearance of this cat breed. This means that they can be fooled as to what kind of cat they are adopting.

I think it is disingenuous to continue with this rescue organisation. I have send a message to them asking about this which you can see on this page. At the time of writing this I have not received a response. I don't expect to receive a response because it is too near the bone. My question is to pointed and unsettling. But it is the truth.


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