Infographic: Maine Coon 2nd most popular cat breed in 2021 according to CFA

According to the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), the Maine Coon was the second most popular cat breed in 2021. In 2020 it was in third place as you can see from the infographic below. The Maine Coon has jumped over the Exotic Shorthair to take second place. 

The Infographic above shows you the top 10 cat breeds as per CFA registrations for 2020 worldwide, in which you can see that the Maine Coon was in third place during that year. It does not surprise me that the Maine Coon has jumped over the Exotic because it is a better cat breed. Both cat breeds have some inherited health problems but the Exotic has the same health problems as the better-known Persian which, on my calculation, as in the top two breeds with the most inherited health problems with the Siamese.

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I like to focus on health because, in my mind, health is more important than appearance. I know people tend to conveniently forget about health problems but when they have to pay insurance premiums to cover them or pay out of their pocket when health problems develop, I'm sure at that time they understand that health is the most important aspect in terms of ensuring a cat is contented.

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The top cat breed for the fourth year running as per the CFA is the Ragdoll. This, also, does not surprise me because this is an all-round top cat for the modern age. They are both beautiful and they have a personality which is highly suited to modern day living. They are placid and therefore suited to full-time indoor living.

The Ragdoll is perhaps the only breed which had been selectively bred to have a certain personality. In general, appearance has always taken precedence over personality with cat breeders and the cat fancy but with the Ragdoll both the appearance and personality are about equal. The breeders selectively breed for a placid cat.

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Also, the Ragdoll has less inherited health problems than the Maine Coon or the Persian and Exotic. The Ragdoll can suffer from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) just like the Maine Coon but the Ragdoll does not have joint problems such as hip dysplasia. It is this package of advantages in the Ragdoll which takes it to the top spot for the past four years.

Note: On my research for the UK's pet insurance market, the Maine Coon is in the top five health claims. Not great.

However, it is nice to see the Maine Coon in second spot. I would expect the breed to stay there for the future. There was a time, back in the day, when the Persian sat at the top of the pile of all cat breeds for many, many years. But these days people are more interested in health issues. People are more switched on about them thanks to the Internet. They are better informed generally actually.


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