Maine Coon the size of a girl (and how not to pick up a cat)

The picture highlights the size of the big Maine Coons. In some ways it is a bit deceiving because I'm sure that this Maine Coon weighs a lot less than the girl. This is partly because the cat is covered with shaggy, long hair. Visualise what the cat would look like naked and he'd be quite a bit smaller 😉. There is also a perspective issue as the cat is nearer to the camera than the girl and the photo was taken with a wide-angle lens which magnifies the perspective effect. It is not meant to be a direct, precise, size comparison. It's just a nice picture which brings home to us the extraordinary size of these very large Maine Coons which have become so popular.

Maine Coon the size of a girl
Maine Coon the size of a girl. This is a silver tabby by the look of it. Photo: Pinterest.

On a minor point, it has to be added that the girl is holding this cat in an entirely incorrect way. I've seen this before with Maine Coons and kids. Maine Coons appear to be very accepting of being mishandled like this. That is not to say it's acceptable. You wonder if this cat gets a little pissed off sometimes and rejects this kind of careless handling.

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Children do tend to pick up cats in this way which allows the body to fall down through gravity as the child holds the cat under the forelegs (arms). This must put their body under stress because there is no support on the hind legs or the backside.

Oscar Ramsay carries the family cat, a pointed Exotic Shorthair, incorrectly! Photo: The Ramsays.
Oscar Ramsay carries the family cat, a pointed Exotic Shorthair, incorrectly! Photo: The Ramsays.

A little while ago I wrote an article about how to pick up a cat together with an Infographic. And in that article I featured the son of Gordon Ramsay the celebrity chef who made an awful job of picking up the family cat - see above. It seems that some parents are not educating their children on how to interact with the family cat, particularly when the family cat is a valuable and impressive Maine Coon.


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