Maine Coon - Pitbull love story (video)

Here is a brilliant interspecies friendship. More than that, actually. Love actually. I might be anthropomorphising these love birds but I don't think so. The Maine Coon is Ernest and the Pitbull is Hemingway. Neat. The Maine Coon is polydactyl which may have inspired the names of these companion animals because 'Hemingway cats' are known to be polydactyl. In case you are unsure what that means, it means that he has more than the usual number of toes. 

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Maine Coon, Ernest, and Pitbull, Hemingway together
Maine Coon, Ernest, and Pitbull, Hemingway together. Screenshot.

Maine Coons are famous for this condition but it was bred out of them by American breeders. It is a shame as polydactylism is part of the Maine Coon heritage. Nowadays a polydactyl Maine Coon would be disqualified in a CFA organised cat show competition. That's how far from the history of the breed the cat associations have come. They consider polydactylism a crude defect.

But there is nothing crude about this beautiful relationship. It is very refined. Hemingway invites Ernest to come over for a cuddle by sliding into his tail. Ernest obliges and sits on his forelegs and rolls over. Hemingway sniffs Ernest's fur. The scent of a cat or dog is a big part of their identification.

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This is a cross-post from the main website as it is so nice. It is a TikTok video but the maker allowed people to download it. That was nice of her.


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