Successfully managing IBD in a Maine Coon cat and eradicated an endoparasite

According to the record in the summary to a research study published online, a 2-year-old, female Maine Coon cat suffering simultaneously from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and an intestinal single-celled parasite was completely 'cured' with the following treatment. By cured I mean she presented as 'clinically normal' six months after treatment.

IBD in cats
IBD in cats. One treatment is a raw meat diet. This cat is not a Maine Coon! Image: MikeB

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The endoparasite was Tritrichomonas foetus which was cured with Ronidazole. This is a drug which is well tailored for this particular parasitic infection. Tritrichomonas foetus is described as a species of single-celled flagellated parasite known to be a pathogen in the intestinal tract of cats and also in cattle.

The inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) was apparently cured or entirely successfully 'managed' which is be a better description, with the provision of a hypoallergenic diet and an oral omega-3 fatty acid supplement in conjunction with prednisolone. Prednisolone is a synthetic drug similar to cortisone. It is used to relieve allergic conditions and to treat leukaemia and people.

Cortisone is a steroid hormone. Steroids are used to treat inflammation. My understanding is that prednisolone reduced the inflammation caused by the IBD which in turn successfully managed this disease in this Maine Coon cat.

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The cat was suffering from horribly chronic, bloody, voluminous, fetid diarrhoea. I feel sorry for the cat as it must have been horrible for her but I feel good that the condition is being managed successfully which must mean that she feels a lot better. The study was published recently so this particular individual is still alive and enjoying her much improved health.


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