Super Shaggy Richie the Maine Coon on TikTok

Here is Richie, the Maine Coon, on TikTok. It gives his admirers the chance to see his amazing fur as his owner plays with it. It looks like a very enjoyable (for both) experience and very tactile. It is nice to see him moving. As usual he looks stunning. He's a lemur-Maine Coon hybrid! 😉. 

In this video his caregiver messes around with his extraordinary fur. It is by some miracle of genetics that Richie was created because his appearance always astounds me. It is as if he was created on another planet. I'd love to know a bit more about how Richie came into the world. 

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Was he some freak of genetics or a strange genetic mutation? I think I need Sarah Hartwell to explain the genetics behind Richie. And the coat; this is shaggy plus, plus. What are his litter mates like? That would be interesting to know.

The word 'shaggy' does not describe his fur. We know Maine Coons should have shaggy fur but the photo of Richie (a screenshot) goes to the extreme of shagginess. A nightmare to keep from becoming tangled. I just don't know how his caregiver manages to prevent his fur from matting. Answer: see the video at the base of the page. She uses a large dematter.

Shaggy Richie. Screenshot from TikTok video.
Shaggy Richie. Screenshot from TikTok video.

There is no doubt that Richie is the most celebrated Maine Coon currently. What is interesting is that it seems that the public has not discovered Richie's TikTok channel as the number of views of his videos are good but not what I'd expect.

: These are embedded videos from TikTok. Sometimes they are deleted at source or the video is turned into a link which stops it working here. I have no control over this.


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