Reason to get a Maine Coon: they do not fear water!

Maine Coon slips into the water for a bit of fun
Maine Coon slips into the water for a bit of fun. Screenshot.

The video on this page supports the words of the title. But is it true that all Maine Coons do not fear water? I almost feel like leaving that decision to you. There is no science on this and all you will find on the Internet is anecdotal stories about Maine Coons not being frightened or objecting to being submerged in water. 

Perhaps there is a tendency for Maine Coons to be less resistant to being submerged in water but I don't think you can say that all the cats of the Maine Coon breed have the same attitude towards water. We don't know anything about the cats in the video. Or at least I don't. Perhaps they are a bunch of Maine Coons who have made it clear that they like messing around in water and the video maker decided to video it. This video has done very well on TikTok.

For all Maine Coon cats to like messing around and being submerged in water the cat associations would have to insist that, through selective breeding, the breeders ensured that the character of their cats was such that they were happy being in water. This does not happen. In fact, the cat associations do not dictate Maine Coon cat character in their breed standard.

Obviously, breeders will breed well-balanced amiable cats whenever they can but there is nothing to state that Maine Coon cat breeders choose foundation cats for their breeding lines that like water and breed from those cats only.


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