3 purebred Maine Coon rescue cats for rehoming in Wales

For international visitors who are unsure, Wales is in the UK. And the Maine Coon Cat Club which was established in 1985 and is affiliated to the GCCF (the premier cat Association in the UK) have three purebred, rescue Maine Coon cats up for adoption. 


The first one lives in Swansea and the owner is giving up their Maine Coon whose name is Aurora because her resident cats will not accept her and she will not accept them. The owner feels that Aurora would be happier as an only cat. 

She is looking for the best home possible for Aurora. She is a three-year-old, brown tabby-and-white. She describes her as a little nervous until she gets to know you. She tends to hide but will get over it and is happy to be cuddled and enjoys a brush. Aurora needs time and attention and my guess is she would like to be in a home where the owner is around all the time and where it is quiet and calm. If you want to adopt Aurora you will have to pay a rehoming donation of £200 to the club.

Pippi and Mr J

And in South Wales there are two Maine Coon cats up for adoption through the club. Their owner can't keep them. They come as a pair. They are seven and six years old. Their names are Pippi and Mr J. They are both brown/grey tabbies and indoor/outdoor cats. They don't like dogs and the owner believes that they would be happier in a home without children. 

They currently live in an area which is quiet near a river and a forest and therefore in their new home it would be great if they had access to a nice piece of countryside!

The owner says that they don't like brushing and grooming but that their fur is in good condition. Mr J has apparently lost his ruff. He is healthy and the owner has asked a vet what they think is the cause. It may be because Mr J is a little anxious due to the circumstances in which he is living although those are not specified. It appears that the home is not in an equilibrium at the moment and once Mr J lives in a stable home his ruff will grow back.

The same fee of £200 applies.

The email address to contact is wounds@btinternet.com


  1. Hello. Is Aurora still looking for a home? Might be able to help.

    1. Hi, I have just checked the Maine Coon Cat Club's website and they say there are currently no cats that need rehoming and therefore I presume that these 3 are rehomed. Sorry. And good luck.

  2. I have already been in contact with someone about Aurora, and given a list of the sort of household she would potentially be coming to. As yet, I have heard nothing back. The answer was definitive, I asked is Aurora still in need of rehoming, the answer, SHE IS. So if possible could someone get back to me urgently and let me know what is happening please.

    1. Thanks for this and sorry for being so slow in publishing which is due to the fact that 90% of comments are spam and I have learned to ignore comments as a result.

  3. Note: I asked myself a little while ago and Jacky responded: "Hi Michael, No she hasn’t. Her owner will determine who she wants to speak to based on the information you send. So if you are potentially interested can you give a bit of information about how the sort of home you can offer based on her requirements. Bw, Jacky

  4. Aurora needs to be an only cat - from Jacky: "Ah ok yes she needs to be an only cat".


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