Accidental 'cat-napping' goes viral (and the cackle)

I'm sorry but this is not about Maine Coon cats because I have temporarily run out of things to say about that beautiful cat breed 😎. This is about something which is very human and it is the failure to recognise your own cat. A woman in Canada thought that she had lost her cat, George, and believed that she had spotted him on the road as she drove up to her house. 

She grabbed the cat and placed him inside her car. When she got home her cat was there and realised that she had "stolen" someone else's cat. People on TikTok told her to put him back where she had bound him. Which she obligingly did. Although both the cat that she 'stole' and her cat are tabby cats. She believes that the other cat is a community cat but judging by the appearance it looks as though he or she isn't and is someone's pet. 

In typical TikTok fashion a lot of people liked the video but I don't think it is worth that much in terms of adulation. Perhaps it was the woman's cackle or laughter which caught the eye more. It is particularly infectious or irritating depending upon your point of view.

The question that remains is: "Could you recognise your cat under these circumstances?" 

It may be more tricky than people believe. I feel sure that I'd recognise my cat under conditions because I raised him from scratch. Also I think that the best way to make sure that you have the right cat is to call his/her name. They will respond to the sound of their name said by their caregiver. If not she is not your cat. Not a 100% solid test but a pretty good one.

Now, the big problem will be with an average-sized and standard looking black cat. That could lead to a mistaken identity.


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