Can Maine Coon cats be black?

 Yes, Maine Coon cats can be black under all breed standards in those of the CFA and TICA. Here is a good example:

Black Maine Coon photograph by Helmi Flick
Black Maine Coon photograph by Helmi Flick. This cat is not jet black as we see in the Bombay. Although the lightness in the coat on the chest is due to the light from behind the cat shining through the hair strands.

The fact is that this 3rd most popular cat breed in the USA is recognised in all colours and divisions of the traditional category. This translates to an enormous range of coat colours and patterns.

I have a page which lists them!  Please click this link to see it.

But if you want to see the CFA breed standard for the Maine Coon which lists the entire range of coat colours and patterns please click on this link.

Most early Maine Coons from the early 1900s were brown tabbies. Many people still prefer tabby Maine Coons as they look the most natural as this cat was a farm cat originally before they became pedigree cats.

Over time other patterns and colours became established including smoke and dominant white (pure white). This happens all the time in the cat fancy: the accepted coat types are expanded except for some breeds such as the Chartreux which has to be blue and only blue. In the cat fancy 'blue' means gray. It is diluted black.


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